Mango chili sauce


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Time to make some tasty mango chili sauce! This is one of the most delicious chili condiments I know.


  • 10 Hot chili peppers. Amount depends on the type of pepper and your heat tolerance. Here is a mix of some hot chilies. There are some carolina reapers, red savinas, sepia serpents and hainan yellow lantern chilies. This will be quite spicy for average taste.

  • One thai mango (you can also use pears for a pear sauce, just as delicious!!!)

  • 5 tbs apple cider vinegar

  • 5 tbs maple syrup.

Simply toss the chilies to a blender first.

Will it blend?

Yes. But not yet.

Yes, that's the thai mango we need. Any mango will do. We will peel the fruit and cut that poor mangoloid to pieces.

Here we go. Soft and juicy. All in!

Time to add the preservatives. Apple cider vinegar and some stuff with sugar. In this case maple syrup. Both help to preserve the product. You could also use honey, sugar and consider garlic depending on your taste.

5 tbs of both vinegar and something sweet, please.

It doesn't need to be "organic", that's a scam. Any will do.

And just blend!

Toss it in a pot and start boiling.

I added a bit of water (1dl) to rinse the blender. It will boil off.

Boil for at least 10 minutes stirring the concoction. Longer time will ensure that the sauce is well sterilized and lasts a bit longer in the fridge.

Sterilise the jars with boiling water before pouring the sauce in. This improves the shelf life.

Store refrigerated. If you have many sauce bottles you can also freeze them for years.

Ready to go! Tasty and spicy! 👍😁

// Chilious